TA Leadership Golf Retreat

What  is TA Dialogue’s Leadership Golf Retreat?

Our flagship event is an exclusive gathering of 100 chosen TA leaders and 10+ CEOs under a single roof to converse and deliberate about the challenges faced by the TA Fraternity & discuss the business/ economic layout from the upcoming year and of course, network. All tied together with a round of golf.

Past Events

January 2021

TA Leadership Golf Retreat, Bangalore

The 4th edition of the TA Leadership Golf Retreat brought in Talent Acquisition Leaders & heads together in an exclusive, invite-only interaction to understand CEOs’ Perspectives on the Changing Face of Talent Acquisition in a new decade and a new normal.

January 2020

TA Leadership Golf Retreat

This event was the perfect amalgamation of networking, insight sharing, and a getaway to the golf greens. TA heads came together in an informal setup for sessions on TA in the Boardroom – CEOs’ Perspective.

January 2019

TA Leadership Golf Retreat

50 TA heads came together in an informal setup for sessions on perspectives from CEOs. In this edition we discussed the Future of Talent Acquisition from the CEOs perspective.

August 2017

TA Leadership Golf Retreat

The 1st edition of our flagship event saw CEOs and Ta Leaders discuss – TA in the Boardroom; How should CTAOs drive decisions for C-Suite.