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Our WhatsApp Groups

TA Dialogues has always been keen on connecting TA Professionals. One of the avenues we do this through is via WhatsApp Groups. We have curated exclusive groups that connect TA Professions to one other and fosters discussions, surveys and information sharing about the Talent Acquisition Function.

Why join these groups?

These groups are designed to be a mode of vibrant and relevant discussions for the TA Function.

Membership in these groups is through an invite-only.

A handful of select members are added to engage in dialogue and increase the relevance and potency of discussion around the TA Function. 

Network with likeminded professional

Be in touch with your cohort and have relevant, up to date and meaningful discussions

How Many Groups are there?

There are groups that cater to the different stakeholders of the Talent Acquisition Function

TA Leaders (India)

This group is exclusively for TA Leaders from various companies across India.

TA Majors

This is a group dedicated to up and coming leaders within the Talent Acquisition community.

TA Ninjas

This group caters to people who are stepping into the world of Talent Acquisition and are finding their stride into the field.

HR Leaders on TalAcq

This group is dedicated to HR Leaders who manage the dual responsibility of Talent Acquisition.

TA Tech and & Services

This is for the other stakeholder of the TA Function, who are into providing services in TA or coming up with technology that would drive Talent Acquisition in the times to come.


Who are the members of these groups?

The present members of the groups represent companies like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Shell, EY, Amazon,& Microsoft, just to name a few.

Recommmend your TA Head to be a part of our groups