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Frequently Asked Questions

What do non TA professionals and aspiring TA professionals have in here?

We are the perfect platform for those who wish to gain some insights into  the world of Talent Acquisition. 

How to be a part of our WhatsApp groups?

TA Dialogues runs curated exclusive platforms for the different stakeholders of the TA Function. Membership in these groups are through an invitation only. If you would like to request for an invite, please use link – WhatsApp Groups

Why TA Dialogues if you are a TA Professional?

TA Dialogues provides a TA Professional with the perfect amalgamation of insights, knowledge sharing, insights and networking within the TA Function. It also provides a TA Professional an avenue to interact with like minded TA Professionals while allowing them to explore and keep abreast with the latest trends in the TA Function. 

How to collaborate?

To collaborate with TA Dialogues in one of their ventures – please contact us on

Where do we get updates to upcoming events?

You get updates about our upcoming events on the events page on our website. Additionally, you can also subscribe to our mailing list to get timely updates about upcoming events. 

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Why TA Dialogues if you are a collaborator?

TA Dialogues provides a collaborator with the perfect opportunity to: 

Gain Brand Visibility 

Market and present yourself to you immediate target audience 

Give your sales team a boost – An opportunity to engage directly with decision makers 

Expansion of Customer Database



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