You can collaborate with us through Sponsorships and Partnerships. 

Collaboration through sponsorship will be a commitment to a single event.

Collaboration through partnership involves a commitment from both parties for a longer term.


Our audiences

We distinguish ourselves by catering to a single niche – The Talent Acquisition Function. We have representatives from the different hierarchical levels of organisations , different service providers, innovators and entrepreneurs who have rewritten the way Talent Acquisition functions. 

Why collaborate with us?

The appeal that TA Dialogues carries is that it allows our partners or sponsors to directly engage with decision makers and targeted customers. Not only does it boost the sales and marketing efforts undertaken by the company, but it also allows the company to understand the nuances of the target audience better which in turn creates a positive brand visibility and allows the company to gain first hand insights about what the customer wants. 

What do you get by collaborating?

Brand Visibility 

Marketing Opportunity 

Expansion of Customer Base 

Opportunity to engage with your potential customers/ decision makers directly 

TA Professionals

TA Heads

Relationships and counting........

Our Sponsors