What’s cooking in 2020?

2020's 4 most important hiring criteria every company should prioritize

Company culture - Is your candidate the right fit?

This is quite a long and complicated process as it requires much deeper understanding of the company, goals, mission and overall culture.  In the early stages of recruitment, a small test or sort can be developed by the company based on the ongoing company culture. This helps in better understanding your candidate and will avoid rapid turnover.

Do you really need same industry experience

Individuals for the most part flavor those with related knowledge in a similar industry. Anyway employing from different industries can open new ways to inventive thoughts that may increase the value of the current structure. Talent is a higher priority than industry skill. You ought to be watchful for applicants who are committed to the position and might carry fresh plans to the organisation. This extends your hiring pool from a limited rundown of regulars to another and inventive ability pool that can take your business higher than ever.

Yes to Transferable Skills

Applicants who carry transferable skills to the table are the most effective to your business What are the key skills that you can look out for? Leadership, Problem-solving, Multitasking, critical thinking, drive, and — all the more significantly innovativeness When applicants have transferable abilities, they can often jump the learning curve when it comes to adjusting and adapting.

Work Loyalty - What's the Deal?

According to Gallup, only 34% of employees are engaged at work, and 13% are "actively disengaged" as of 2019. This concept can be quite misleading in the year 2020, considering the current work culture. For example, moving from top companies to top companies can be a huge red flag— But at the same time spending too much time in 1 company can lead to stagnation satisfaction at where once stands. Tenure should not be considered a factor for Work loyalty but engagement and length of service should be the main factors that contribute to a employees Work loyalty.