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Analytics with a twist of HR (shaken, but not stirred!)

As a young budding recruiter, I came across an interesting requirement that truly had me thinking, “hmmmm, HR & Analytics? “. That’s right, analytics in the HR space, or HR Analytics seems to be on every company’s “Need to hire niche skill” list!  A quick Google search yielded a rather interesting definition on the term itself.

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“R” you the new kid on the block?

In the talent acquisition space (especially in a consulting setup), one gets to work on a plethora of opportunities across a variety of spaces. Learning is a part and parcel of the job as well. But what’s more interesting, or rather unexpected are the valuable trends that one notices while working on requirements.

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Gone are the days when women were hired only for administrative work or were thought that they were best suited for teaching profession. We find more and more women working in all sectors. In the recent times we see a sudden paradigm shift. Organisations are looking for more number of female employees now and also

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Over the last two years we have seen a remarkable change. A growing number of HR professionals are thinking like Profit Centre professionals, with focus on initiatives that develop and transform these departments into strategy and profit centers.
The Deloitte Human Capital

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