En’gender’ing Talent 2017

Diversity Hiring in India: 

2016 proved to be an excellent year for women, with a host of opportunities available just for them. Be it in IT, E-commerce, or any other industry, the year introduced female workforce to new and dynamic avenues, from which they could choose to pursue any career that they were interested in. Organizations in India have now begun to prioritize gender parity within the workforce by encouraging women to enter the corporate sphere, and are doing their bit to create a responsive work environment to cultivate their professional growth. Indian companies are moving towards having more balanced, diverse teams and hiring of female candidates is on the rise. With the increasing demand for hiring women across the levels of an organization, about 60 % of employers foresee a higher demand for women professionals at the middle level positions, 20 per cent see hires at the entry level while another 20 per cent say they will hire women professional for CxO level leadership roles in 2017.

Panel 1: Climbing the corporate ladder in stilettos


Sumathi Sampath – Head TA – Infosys BPO

Merlyn Dynatious – VP Head of TA – State Street

Pushpa Latha – Senior Manager HR & TA – WalmartLabs

Geeta R – General Manager TA – Philips

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Panel 2: Workplace Diversity: Importance and Best Practices


Namita Vyas – Head TA and D&I Leader – InMobi

Gautam Shetty – Head of TA – JCPenney

Pooja Joshi – Director TA, Diversity &  Inclusion -Qualcomm

Parimala Gowda – Head TA – Citrix R&D

Ashish Goyal – Director TA – Vmware

The panel agreed that though we talk a lot on Diversity but we need to realize that there are many roles where women are behind. Companies should be more open and flexible to understand the hindrances a woman faces. A couple of questions were opened to audience and they wanted to get some tips on workplace diversity and how to encourage women to work

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